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What's unique about us is the way we offer
tailor-made services worldwide.

Executive Charters

“Time is Money”. In today’s high stake business environment time is acutely limited and increasingly valuable. Maximum utilization of man-hours that result in increased output is a must to stay ahead in business. The fundamental fact is that the market penalizes the slow and rewards the quick. Air Charter is indeed an important business tool to save an executive’s time, thus ensuring maximum productivity.

Airstream offers flexibility in planning a trip since the passenger decides when and where to go. It ensures better safety and security, assures privacy and above all saves the passengers from pre-trip hassles such as queue at the terminal/airline counter and post-trip worries such as excess luggage, flight connections and loss of baggage!! For an executive, Airstream offers a reduction in post-trip fatigue with commensurate increase in on-trip and post-trip productivity which will have a positive impact on the entrepreneurial spirits. Though presumed at the outset as an expensive travel option, the industry study of air charter has identified that it is the least expensive way of travel when the lost man-hours and productivity of an individual is taken into account.

Our air charter unit can offer you 24-hours assistance in sourcing aircraft within the shortest period of time.


Airstream offers all-round package that suites the cargo to be delivered. Because of our diverse client base which includes governments, NGOs, freight forwarders, shippers, logistics providers and relief organizations. We are very fast at accessing which craft is best fit for which cargo, e.g. military equipment.

Aircraft Leasing

Airstream leasing division offers a wide range of services from sub- charters to outright purchase. We also place air craft on lease for direct clients especially fixed terms operations for NGOs, relief agencies, governments, corporate flight departments and personnel rotations. These lease include;

Wet lease; leasing arrangement whereby we provide an aircraft complete with crew, maintenance and insurance (ACMI).

Dry lease; leasing arrangement where by we only provide an aircraft without insurance crew, ground staff, supporting equipment, maintenance etc.

Over flying and Landing Permit

With our past experience in dealing with governments around the world and knowing how some can be very difficult to deal with, we take pride in dealing with them on behalf of our clients especially when coordinating with unfamiliar international agencies.
To make sure that even at the most crucial moment, when runways are temporarily occupied and clearance is to be provided by air traffic controller, he/she is satisfied at the least possible time after meeting the following conditions.

Landing following landing, where the proceeding aircraft is clear of the runway in use or at least 2500m from the threshold.

Landing following departure, the departing craft should be airborne and at least 2000m from the threshold. With these conditions still you can name a place and we will deliver you there, with our all-round working force, over flight and loading , technical, commercial, traffic permits are worked upon at the quickest time possible because they are required in many different counties prior to an air craft entering their air space or land at air ports.


Airstream requires background checks of its pilots, flight attendants and ground personnel to ensure the highest levels of safety to our customers. Aircrafts are inspected before any passengers board or cargo loaded.Aircrafts are kept secure under monitored hangar facilities


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